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A Focus on The Craft Beverage Industry

Due to our location in the heart of downtown Asheville, N.C., Big Bridge Design is perfectly situated to provide services to the craft beverage industry. In our hometown alone, several new breweries have opened this year, and across the region, craft brewing and beverages (including coffees and ciders) are growing rapidly.


Because of our expertise in the industry, from branding to packaging to some exciting new projects (details to come), and in honor of North Carolina’s beer month, we decided to add a new section to our website featuring our work on craft beverages.

In the left-side menu of the current site, you can find links to all of the brewers we have worked with, and examples of our work. This ongoing restructuring of the site will help us showcase our flagship designs for some of the top breweries and beverage makers in the Southeast region.


This is also part of a larger reconsideration of our own marketing materials. Often, design and marketing firms have trouble dedicating time to their own websites and printed collateral and we’re no exception. At Big Bridge, we are focused on and excited about our client’s brands and designs, which leaves little time for our own branding. Over the next few months, we’re thinking strategically about how to talk about ourselves and our work with as much pride and energy as we dedicate to our clients, while continuing to deliver exceptional quality work to the businesses and organizations that we have the pleasure of working with.

Asheville Brewers Alliance Official Logo Colors

A New Look for a Summer Camp

Camp Hollymont Logo

Hollymont is a Christian summer camp for girls age 6-15, located in Western North Carolina. The camp has been around since 1983, and had been using an older version of their logo and branding for many years. They also wanted to include their motto, which was absent from the original logo.


We wanted to make sure that their new branding felt fun and appealed to camp-age girls as well as their parents. They wanted to keep elements from their old logo, such as the dove and holly leaf, but were open to a more modern, graphic approach. They also wanted to keep to a blue and green color palette, that fit their summer camps focus on outdoor experiences. We used the secondary green color to highlight their motto in the inner ring of the circle.

Hollymont Camp for Girls Logo and Illustrations

We came up with the idea of creating a round badge-style logo. Round logos offer a lot of versatility for clients, both in digital and print applications. Hollymont Camp for Girls they liked the idea of a badge because it could work well on a shirt or as a patch or sticker for the girls who attend the camp. We also created a set of graphics that could be used in various printed and digital materials.

Hollymont Brochure Cover

After creating the logo and illustrations, we have started in on printed items to use in their marketing and camp information efforts, including the printed brochure above, which includes messaging about the key differences between Hollymont and other camps, and their core values.


You may also notice the use of the graphics and branding elements from the illustration phase of the project. We are excited to help this Western North Carolina camp continue their work with girls from around the country and around the world this year and for years to come.

City of Brevard Launches New Park Project

The city of Brevard, N.C., came to us looking for help with fundraising and marketing for a new park project. The city had recently acquired a piece of land in the Rosenwald Neighborhood where an old tannery once stood, and planned to add a much-needed public park in the area.Tannery Park Logo City of Brevard

Currently, the city is in the master planning process, having gone through a full environmental analysis at the end of 2015.

As that process moves forward, we are working with them to help raise funds and awareness for the campaign. Using historical images and information, we created a website to help tell the story of the park and neighborhood.

Tannery Park Website Homepage Design City of Brevard

Included in the site is the opportunity to purchase a brick for the entrance way, so that families and businesses in the area can make a small, but important contribution to the important community resource.

The city of Brevard is currently getting ready for a fundraising launch and is finishing up the major planning process for the park. They are interested in community feedback and have scheduled several meetings to get people across the community involved in the park.

The park, once completed, will feature several ecologically important areas for the mountains of Western North Carolina, including wetlands that will be preserved as part of the park’s plan.

Print Advertising: Highwater Clays

Highwater Clays Print Advertising Free Range

The folks at Highwater Clays in our hometown of Asheville, N.C., wanted to create an ad series to be used in various publications, and also as a poster series. They were pretty open as to what that could look like, but did want to highlight their clays front and center as a part of a simple, clean design.  We spent a lot of time brainstorming as a team in house, throwing out ideas as far fetched as basing each ad on a different greek myth, and finally landing on this one .

Highwater Clays Print Advertising Design Gluten Free

We settled on our final concept because it worked on a few different levels. Healthy, organic, GMO free foods come from the earth and are all natural, just as Highwater’s myriad of exceptional clays come straight from the earth. Their tagline, “The Earth’s Best Clays”, paired perfectly with this concept about whole, pure foods. On top of that, we knew that these would be visually striking. Making corn, lipstick, eggs, and cupcakes out of unfired clays, it a unique and clever way to not only display their clays as the star of each ad, but to present a compelling ad concept as well. In each of the ads we kept one non-clay object to starkly contrast with the natural clays, such as the egg crate in the Cruelty Free ad, or the lipstick container in the Cruelty Free ad.

Highwater Clays Print Advertising Design Cruelty Free

We’re so happy with the way that these turned out, both conceptually and visually. We worked with local photographer Steve Mann for the images, and Jennifer created all of the stunning creations, that are so close to the real thing you have to look twice!

Highwater Clays Print Advertising Non-GMO

Update May 2016: Our campaign for Highwater Clays won a Silver American Advertising Award at the local and district level, beating out other poster campaigns in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We’re so proud of the work and thank the American Advertising Federation for the honor.

Packaging Design: Nickelpoint Brewing

When we finish a packaging design for one of our brewery clients, we often don’t get to see the final product until it hits store shelves.Nickelpoint Brewery Canning Packaging Design

Designer Jacob Voigt and Director of Business Development Jerry Sewell were fortunate enough to be visiting Raleigh, N.C., brewery Nickelpoint on the day that they were canning their first-ever beers, a vienna lager and an IPA.

Nickelpoint Brewing Canning Trip

Working with Old Dominion Mobile Canning, Nickelpoint Brewing canned two beers over the course of a day, but the process actually started when they came to Big Bridge to design the cans themselves.

Nickelpoint specializes in European beer styles “from a bygone era” and so they wanted their can designs to reflect the solid, straightforward industrial towns where many of these beers originated.

Nickelpoint Can Design Packaging

We came up with a design that featured elements from schematic drawings and other industrial-era motifs that follows the same layout on each can. For each new beer, the colors and content can be changed out to differentiate it from the others.

Nickelpoint plans to continue canning new beers this spring and summer, using these packaging designs that we created. Through the use of a mobile canner, smaller breweries are able to produce canned beers for retail markets without the investment required in purchasing their own canning lines.